Songs in Sweathouse and House Party (Part 2)


Music by Dan Hanna, Loren Sinyella, Gus Wilema, Elizabeth Boning Fielding and Evann Walker during party at Irene Wilema's house in Peach Springs (1964) including an audio recording, transcript, and notes relating to song recordings.

This file contains material on 12 songs:

1. Medicine song; 2. Women's song; 3. Medicine song; 4–6. Mojave Bird Song; 7. Medicine Song 8–11. Medicine Song; 12. Unidentified (possibly medicine song).

Transcript pages:

  • 1502032_box26_hinton-notes-1_medicineSongs-curing_transcript_part1.pdf (pages 21–26)
  • 1502032_box26_hinton-notes-3_womensSongs_transcript.pdf (page 3)
  • 1502032_box26_hinton-notes-3_mojave_transcript.pdf (page 6)