Songs in Sweathouse and House Party (Part 1)


Music and interviews in a sweathouse and party at Irene Wilema's house in Peach Springs with Lamiel Paya, John Montoya, Lorenzo Sinyella, Irene Wilema, Dan Hanna, Rudy Wilema and Evann Walker (1964) including an audio recording, transcript and notes relating to song recordings and notes of songs.

This file contains material on 33 songs:

1–2. Navajo Horse Song; 3. Sweathouse (for snake bite and spider sting); 4. Sweathouse (for broken bone); 5–7.Sweathouse (for body pain and broken bone, songs 1–3); 8. Sweathouse (crying song); 9. Sweathouse (song for cuts and bleeding); 10-23. Circle Dance songs (sung in sweathouse); 24-26. Unidentified songs (sung in sweathouse, not in Havasupai); 27. Narrative (Matehwitiki); 28. Narrative (Matehwitiki); 29. Narrative (Coyote's wife's song); 30–31. Narrative songs (Coyote's wife's songs); 32-33. Medicine songs.

Transcript pages:

  • 1502032_box26_hinton-notes-1_sweathouseSongs_transcript_part2.pdf (pages 13–18)
  • 1502032_box26_hinton-notes-1_medicineSongs-curing_transcript_part1.pdf (pages 21–26)
  • 1502032_box26_hinton-notes-2_narrativeSongs-stories_transcript.pdf (pages 19–20)
  • 1502032_box26_hinton-notes-3_navajo_transcript.pdf (pages 1–4)
  • 1502032_box26_hinton-notes-4_ownership_transcript.pdf (page 1)