Community Curation Team Workflow

The Archive of Native American Recorded History is committed to engaging Native communities in respectful co-curation of the recordings made available through the portal. This is accomplished by Community Curation Teams working in an official capacity on behalf of the tribe.  

General workflow: 

  1. Participating repositories upload materials to the portal. Metadata for materials is available for public viewing, but recordings and transcriptions are restricted until undergoing review by Community Curation Teams. 
  1. Community Curation Teams are notified of materials requiring review. Community Curation teams review the recordings and transcripts to note any cultural sensitivities. Community Curators may also correct, update, or add to the existing metadata.  
  1. Community Curation Teams inform Repositories of the access protocols. In accordance with instructions from the Community Curation Teams, repositories make the recordings available or mark them as being restricted. Metadata changes are incorporated. 
  1. After access protocols are determined, if a transcript exists for the recording, Community Curators may conduct a comparative analysis and indicate if corrections are needed.  
  1. Community Curators index the audio recordings using OHMS and assist with creating preferred search terms.  
  1. Community Curators add Traditional Knowledge (TK) Labels if needed.  
  1. Community Curators may change access restrictions at any time.